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Taylor Swift Seemingly Hints At Why She And Joe Alwyn Broke Up In Her New Song "You're Losing Me" And Fans Are Unwell

🔎: "It wasn't that he couldn't fight. He didn't want to."

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While there have been rumblings floating around on what went down between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, the thing about Ms. Swift is that she often leaves easter eggs in her music, giving fans a small window, and perhaps, insight, into her private life.

When news first broke of their split, a source told Entertainment Tonight, the former couple were in "different places in their lives" and that they both realized "they weren't completely right for one another." After six years together, the relationship had just "run its course."

Yeah, yeah. While that totally makes sense and is a very valid reason why a long-term relationship could end, Taylor's recent song drop might give a little more insight surrounding the pair's breakup.

Last night, when Taylor dropped "You're Losing Me" off of her Midnights' special release album, fans were quick to hone in on the seemingly telling lyrics, even concluding that Midnights is actually a breakup album.

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Like this:

In "You're Losing Me," the song shares the POV of a narrator who wants their partner to fight for their relationship, but instead is left feeling like an "imposition."

Other lyrical clues hint at the couple's growing differences: "You say, 'I don't understand' and I say, 'I know you don't,'" which then leads to the narrator contemplating the end. "I just sit in the dark and wonder if it's time."

"Do I throw everything we built or keep it?" sings Taylor. Ultimately, a "final blow" is dealt by the partner and the narrator realizes that their "heart won't start" for their lover anymore.

"I wouldn't marry me either," Taylor sings towards the end of the song.

Now, like with any other Swift news, there has been a discourse brewing online. Fans have emphasized with the heartbreaking lyrics:

Fans have referred to "You're Losing Me" as the adult version of "All Too Well," which we all know is about your first big heartbreak:

Since the breakup, Taylor has reportedly moved on with The 1975 singer Matt Healy.

And Joe seems to be living his best life in Cannes.

If you want to get in your feels and take a listen, check out the song here.

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🔥 People in the BuzzFeed Community are discussing Taylor Swift
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