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    Joe Jonas Finally Commented On Speculation Around His Divorce From Sophie Turner

    "It’s been a crazy week."

    Joe Jonas broke his silence regarding his pending divorce from Sophie Turner.

    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner walking side by side outside at night

    Brief recap: Joe and Sophie were first linked together back in 2016. They got married in Las Vegas in 2019 followed by a formal ceremony in France, and share two young daughters.

    Earlier this week, Joe and Sophie confirmed reports that they were getting divorced through a statement posted on Instagram.

    Initially, there were reports that the split was caused by Sophie's "partying," but the internet pulled up past interviews suggesting that she was actually a"homebody" while Joe was a "social butterfly."

    Closeup of Joe and Sophie on the red carpet

    Sophie was also quoted in a past interview talking about how much she missed the United Kingdom, where she was born and raised. She and Joe have been primarily living in the States since their union.

    Closeup of Joe and Sophie posing for photographers at a media event

    There's also been reports that Joe found or heard something on a Ring camera recording involving Sophie that led him to file for divorce.

    Joe and Sophie walking down a sidewalk

    All this hearsay led to the internet making a whole bunch of memes.

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    So, during the Los Angeles stop of the Jonas Brothers tour at Dodger Stadium, Joe addressed the crowd of fans regarding the split.

    Closeup of Joe

    "It's been a crazy week," Joe started.

    Closeup of Joe on the big screen

    Joe then touched upon the speculation that has swirled since the announcement of their divorce. He said, "If you don't hear it from these lips, don't believe it, okay?"

    "Thank you for the love and support. Me and my family, we love you guys,” Joe said to the screaming crowd.

    Closeup of Joe

    We'll let you know if more unfolds. You can check out the full clip here.