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Jessica Chastain Showed Her Support For Sophie Turner Admist Her Divorce From Joe Jonas — Via A Veryyy Interesting Retweet

"Mother has spoken..."

Here's an update: Jessica Chastain is team Sophie Turner.

The split between Sophie and Joe Jonas has been the talk of the town lately, and recently things seem to have become more complicated.

joe and sophie walking somewhere at night

Lately, there's been alleged new information surrounding their split. Just a few days ago, Sophie sued Joe in order to return their children to the UK. According to court documents, the two previously agreed that England would be their "forever home."

closeup of the couple at an event

In the documents, it was then alleged Joe had kept the children's passports to prevent them from leaving. Joe's representative, in response to Sophie's lawsuit, stated the singer is "keen to coparent with Sophie and would be 'OK' with them being raised between the US and the UK."

closeup of the couple

It's also been alleged Sophie was blindsided by the divorce and only found out about the filing through the media.

the two on the red carpet

Then, of course, there was THAT photo recently with a famous ex of Joe's whom Sophie stepped out with this week.

arrows pointing to taylor swift sitting with other celebs from a talk show, including sophie turner and jessica chastain

Anyways, Jessica, who worked with Sophie on Dark Phoenix, has now publicly shown her support for her former costar.

the two reaching over to hold hands during a press tour

Jessica retweeted a Tweet that wrote Joe had "miscalculated" his popularity and that the false narratives about Sophie had been an attempt at "PR manipulation."

Twitter: @jes_chastain

👀 👀 If you thought Jessica's response was a bit unexpected — you weren't the only one. So did some of the responses, which were pretty entertaining:

Twitter: @azulgris27
see you at the next nyc girls girl dinner with t swift
jessica what are you doing here?
oh mother has spoken, it's really joever
say it mother

And we'll just end it with this X:

Twitter: @learning_to_die