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    Chris Pratt Reacts To His "Parks And Recreation" Cast Who Marched For The SAG-AFTRA And WGA Strike This Week

    Burt Macklin, FBI!

    ICYMI, the Parks and Recreation cast and crew had a little reunion on the SAG-AFTRA and WGA picket lines this week.

    The cast of "Parks and Recreation"

    Here's a pic of the group together:

    Yes, even Li'l Sebastian was there.

    Closeup of Li'l Sebastian

    Cast members Aubrey Plaza, Nick Offerman, Adam Scott, Jim O'Heir, Retta, Ben Schwartz, Colton Dunn, Alison Becker, and Kirk Fox joined in on the march.

    Closeup of the "Parks and Recreation" cast

    But missing amongst the crew was Chris Pratt.

    Closeup of Chris Pratt

    He had quite the presence on the show as the lovable and gullible Andy Dwyer — or Burt Macklin or Johnny Karate, if you will.

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    Parks and Recreation / Via

    Unfortunately, the Guardians of the Galaxy star was unable to make it to the meeting. So, instead, Chris shared his support for his Parks and Rec crew in the 21st-century way.

    Chris shared photos and his support via social media: "The Parks gang went picketing today. I couldn't be there, but I stand in solidarity with them. #SAGAFTRAstrong #SAGAFTRAstrike"

    His post was liked by Aubrey, who portrayed his on-screen wife on the show, April Ludgate aka Janet Snakehole.

    Closeup of April and Andy in "Parks and Rec"

    Along with Jim O'Heir:

    Screenshot from "Parks and Recreation"

    Ben Schwartz:

    Screenshot from "Parks and Rec"

    And Colton Dunn:

    Screenshot from "Parks and Rec"