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This Shetland Pony In A Christmas Onesie Will Fill You With Festive Cheer

It's more like a *foursie* really.

Here's a Shetland pony. No big deal, whatever, it's a pony, you might say.

David Hedges

But WAIT. Here's a Shetland pony in a Christmas onesie and I think we can all agree ~that~ is a very big deal.

David Hedges / David Hedges

Ascot's Christmas Foursie, as modelled by Daffy.

In fact it's not a onesie, it's really a foursie and it was made by Charlotte Denn for Shetland pony Daffy. Daffy lives at Animal Dramatics in Berkshire, which is a kind of animal talent agency, which is itself quite cool.

David Hedges / David Hedges

Charlotte Denn measuring up Daffy for his foursie.

It may well be the most comfortable – and practical – festive outfit you can get for a Shetland pony.

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The "foursie" was commissioned by Ascot racecourse to promote its busy Christmas racing schedule.

David Hedges / David Hedges

Overcome with Christmas cheer, these two Ascot stewards, Eddie Taylor and Harry Barret, posed with Daffy in identical Christmas jumpers. It's quite a scene.

David Hedges

Merry Christmas, Daffy.

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