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    Scary-Ass Deep Sea Creatures That You Won’t Believe Are Real

    Don’t click if you have thalassophobia.

    1. The ocean is full of scary ass creatures.

    2. The deeper you go, the crazier it gets.

    3. Imagine if THIS thing crept up on you.

    4. Or this guy.

    5. It's like they're something out of a horror movie!

    6. Predatory fish aren't to be messed with.

    7. Because let's be real...they're scary as fuck.

    8. And sometimes they escape their deep-sea homes and come on land...

    9. haunt us.

    10. Or make us lose our lunch.

    11. Zombie fish are a real to eat our brains!

    12. If zombies aren't real, then monster fish definitely are.

    13. See what I mean?

    14. This ain't your average jellyfish.

    15. And this definitely isn't your average crab.

    16. Some deep-sea creatures mimic human facial features.

    17. Waaaaaaaah!

    18. Stegosaurus is that you?

    19. They're predators in their own right.

    20. The teeth look so sharp.

    21. Brb... never going to the beach again.