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21 Gifts For Your Best Friend Who Is Also A Dog

Just because your dog doesn't have opposable thumbs doesn't mean he can't celebrate the holidays.

1. This hamburger dog bed:

2. This Pez treat dispenser:

3. This mat for their food:

4. This fuzzy version of your favorite drink:

5. These Christmas cupcakes:

6. This nightstand dog house:

7. These nail covers:

8. This dog tag:

9. Or this dog tag:

10. This non-alcoholic drink:

11. This Imperial Walker costume:

12. This automatic ball launcher:

13. This "Throwbowl":

14. This box of holiday-themed dog treats:

15. This sturdy pool:

16. This laser collar toy:

17. This comfy unicorn mask:

18. This water fountain:

19. This tongue chew toy:

20. This infinity scarf:

21. And finally.... THE DOGNALD:

It's sold out for now, but you can go on a list to be notified when it's available again.

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