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17 Truths Only Couples With A Cat Understand

The cat has the deed to your home. And your life.

1. Your conversations are now 60% about whether or not the cat used the litter box.

2. And the other 40% is about what the cat's currently doing.

3. If you're having a Netflix and chill night you know you'll have to pause at some point to play with the cat.

"Hi, hello, stop watching Bloodline because I need the fake mouse to move."

4. Date Night is never really complete unless it's the three of you.

5. But when you want actual alone time, you have to use creative methods to get it.

When did cats learn to open doors?!

6. You both know that if you ever had to pick sides in a fight, you're taking that cat's.

FX / Via

7. And one of you (you know which one) has a problem with saying no to the cat.

8. This is your version of

9. When you take a couple photo, it inevitably turns into a family photo.

10. And, TBH, you've both started to treat your cat as your baby. A cat baby.

"How's the baby feeling today?" — both of you

11. If you're out of town, it's your S.O.'s job to provide the cat updates.

Erin La Rosa for BuzzFeed

12. And you often use the cat as a way to lure your S.O. back to the house.

13. The decor in your house has started to veer into the utterly purrfect territory.

14. And you've been pleasantly surprised when the "cat" remembers to give you gifts on holidays.

Thank you, cat, for buying and filling out this card for me. So pawtful.

15. When you and your S.O. cuddle, you're really just cuddling the cat together.

16. You've both accepted that your bed is the cat's, and you're just lucky enough to get a spot on it.

17. And finally, you know that you're secretly the cat's favorite person.

Just don't tell your S.O. that.

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