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22 Dogs Who Are Too Awkward For Their Own Good

Get it together, dogs!

1. This silly sitter:

2. This hide-and-seeker:

3. This old-timer:

4. This sneaky demon:

5. This jazzercisin' mama:

6. This photogenic lil' gremlin:

7. This backseat driver:

8. This Shark Week fan:

9. This obvious middle child:

10. This handsome gentleman:

11. This proud pup:

12. This existential birthday boy:

13. This hungry lil' man:

14. This illiterate guy:

15. These fraternal twins:

16. This hater of phone conversations:

17. This fashion pup:

18. This laundry helper:

19. Santa's helpers:

20. This bag dog:

21. This over-excited monster:

22. And this happy dude:

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