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32 Products For People Who Are Obsessed With Their Pets

Their love for their pet is greater than their love for you — that's not up for debate.

1. This custom portrait for your nephew so he can decorate his new dorm room.

2. This plaque for your friend who is waiting patiently to tell you about what his cat did.

3. This pin for your sister who already has the bumper sticker version of it.

4. These magnets for your mom because she's constantly writing her cats poetry anyway.

5. This tote for your aunt because it's about time someone caught wind of her devious ways.

6. This tiny house for your friend who has the most adorable burrito-eating hamster man has ever seen.

7. A giant custom pillow for your girlfriend who only ever wants to cuddle the dog.

8. This candle for your sister-in-law who doesn't think her house smells like anything but love.

9. These custom temporary tattoos for your friend who wants to take the plunge and get their dog's face permanently placed on their lower back.

10. This T-shirt for your neighbor who has more birds than friends.

11. This custom candle for your grandfather who knows that all dogs go to heaven.

12. This book for your roommate because you're tired of having her cat's hair on everything you own.

13. These custom earrings for your friend who tends to accessorize all her looks with her dog's fur.

14. This sweatshirt for your cousin who takes her baby with her everywhere.

15. These custom stickers for your niece who always wants to put her dog's face on everything.

16. This necklace for your great aunt because you know she loves her bunny more than she loves you.

17. This mug for your uncle who works three jobs and needs a constant caffeine fix.

18. This sweatshirt for your niece who doesn't let puppy love distract her.

19. A custom Christmas card to send to your parents because your dog is the only grandchild they're going to be getting for a while.

20. This tote for your brother who treats his dog better than he treats you.

21. This mug for your friend who is bilingual.

22. This toaster for your boyfriend because the only person he'll cook for is the dog.

23. Some eyeshadows for your niece who is as obsessed with makeup as she is with her dog.

24. This beanie for your grandmother who just wants to live her life.

25. This sweatshirt for your BFF who would prefer to save that title for her four-legged friends.

26. This necklace for your cousin who, as far as you know, is the only person able to keep a fish alive for longer than a week.

27. These car stickers for your sister who just got her license.

28. This necklace and tag for your wife who already has a ton of matching outfits with the dog.

29. This book for your professor who is one of the few people who would totally appreciate it.

30. This clock for your nephew who is a bit of a loner and, also, always late.

31. This sweatshirt for your aunt because you know her priorities.

32. And this T-shirt for your co-worker who talks a mile a minute about her cats.

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