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    18 Ways To Immediately Get The Most Out Of Your College Degree

    So you graduated. Now what?

    Everyone knows the most valuable thing a person can get is an education. So, what can you use a degree for these days?

    The opportunities are endless.

    1. Use it as a mousepad!

    2. Put a cup of steamin' hot coffee on it!

    3. Have a plate for your delicious pizza!

    4. Keep the sun out of your eyes!

    5. Hold a door open!

    6. Clean your house!

    7. Use it as a coaster!

    8. Chop some onions for a bowl of your world famous guacamole!

    9. Use it as a plate... FOR YOUR PLATE!

    10. Get that spider!

    11. Get the party started with some shots!

    12. Use it as a cat pillow!

    13. Use it as your own personal beauty studio!

    14. Eat chicken nuggets off of it!

    15. Eat plain tator tots off of it!

    16. Eat a gross-ass burrito off of it!

    17. Cut some shit!

    18. Or just give it the home it deserves!

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