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Which Chicago Chick Are You?

“Gillian, do we really need another quiz to find out which friend we are?” Yes, yes you do. Besides, it's been a year since graduation; we've ~changed~!!! Answer the following to determine if you’re an Azraa, a Caroline, a Gillian, a Jhanelle, or a Quinn.

gyuanyu • 2 months ago

Which Memphis Gal Are You?

Take this ~fun~ quiz to find out if you're an Azraa, a Caroline, Gillian, a Jhanelle, a Quinn, or a Theresa!

gyuanyu • 6 months ago

Which Gillian Are You?

Inspired by Phil, who wanted to know where he could take a "Which Gillian Am I?" quiz. Also inspired by the fact that nobody ever gets me in the Pangea quizzes. Please note that I am only half as self-absorbed as this quiz makes me out to be.

gyuanyu • One year ago

Which Pangea Bro Are You?

Are the original Pangea quizzes too "female" and "Harvard oriented"? Take this quiz to remedy that!

gyuanyu • One year ago

Which Member Of Pangea Are You? (Version 2.0)

Have you ever wondered if the results from "Which Member of Pangea Are You?" were completely accurate? Take yet ANOTHER fun quiz to confirm!

gyuanyu • One year ago

Which Member Of Pangea Are You?

Take this fun quiz to find out which member of Pangea you are!

gyuanyu • 2 years ago

What Roommate Of Dunster W218 Are You?

Find out if you're a Quinn, an Azraa, or a Gillian. Note: This quiz may change your life.

gyuanyu • 3 years ago