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16 Things Every Australian Who Is 26 Now Did When They Were 18

2008 and 2009: now those were the golden years.

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2. Complained about the ~alcopop tax~ that Kevin Rudd introduced.

You were old enough to spend money on booze, but not quite old enough to want to drink anything that didn't taste like cordial.

3. You also complained about the law that stopped all P-platers from being deso drivers.

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In 2008, a new restriction meant that P-platers could only have one passenger between the hours of 11pm and 5am.

4. Big Brother was axed and you wondered if you even would have applied if you could have.


You'd spent your formative years promising yourself you would as soon as you were old enough, so it felt as though you'd been a little robbed.


5. When you went out, you took a digital camera with you so you could take countless photos on the dance floor.

These cameras always ended up getting totally trashed.

7. And when you were on the dance floor you got so ~low~ to Flo Rida you weren't sure you'd ever make it back up.

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Man every DJ really gave that song a lot of air time.


10. The best song of the time was naturally Beyoncé's "Single Ladies".

It was most likely on repeat.

11. You wanted to own an iPhone so damn bad.

When someone got one it was Big News.

12. You also ~needed~ tickets to Soundwave, Big Day Out, Good Vibrations, or Parklife depending on what kind of music you listened to.


14. Cringing at people who were still wearing their Kevin '07 shirts was a popular past time.

You hadn't been old enough to vote so were far less likely to be sucked into the hysteria.