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    49 Iconic Toys Every Australian Girl Owned In The '90s

    "If you get me a Polly Pocket you can come to my party."

    1. Polly Pocket

    It was all fun and games until you lost Polly.

    2. My Little Pony

    3. Care Bears

    4. Puppy Surprise

    5. Furby

    The top of every birthday wish list - though they were not without their struggles.

    6. Sky Dancers

    7. Doodle Bear

    8. Magna Doodle

    9. Little Miss Magic Hair

    10. Cabbage Patch doll

    A soft body means these dollies were extra cuddly.

    11. Tamagotchi

    12. This art set

    13. Miss Party Surprise

    14. The Little Mermaid Electronic Game

    15. Gameboy

    Hello, Kirby.

    16. Walkman

    17. Pound Puppies

    18. Starcastle

    19. Troll dolls

    20. Beanie Babies

    21. My Dear Diary

    The perfect thing between the colouring book, and the angsty teen blog.

    22. Totally Ultra Hair Barbie

    The hair was good for about... one day?

    23. Gymnast Barbie

    Superior to all others.

    24. Barbie Camper Van

    The ULTIMATE Barbie accessory.

    25. Mr Potato Head

    26. Sea Monkeys

    27. Pretty Pretty Princess

    28. Chia Head

    29. My Model

    30. Fashion Plates

    31. Playskool Voice Recorder

    32. Don't Wake Daddy

    33. View Master

    34. Cupcake Dolls

    35. Baby Born

    36. Magic Bottles

    What else would you use to feed your Baby Born once the powdered food had run out?

    37. Super Soaker

    38. Rainbow Slinky

    Because it was so superior to any old metal one.

    39. Gak

    40. Betty Spaghetti

    41. Magic Growing Garden Crystal Set

    42. Fantastic Flowers

    43. Grip Ball

    44. Littlest Pet Shop

    As always, the original '90s version was the best.

    45. Rigadoon dolls

    46. Sailor Moon dolls

    47. Hama Beads

    48. Mouse Trap

    49. Rollerskates

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