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POLL: Should You Tell Someone When You Have A Dream About Them?

Or keep it to yourself? So, you know, they don't assume you always think about them in bed.

Each and every night, millions of people around the world have dreams about people they know.

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Sometimes, it makes total sense why a certain person appeared in your midnight brain adventure. Other times, however, it makes no sense at all.

While at times, dreams with unexpected guest appearances might make you cringe, most of the time the plot of the dream is just as random as the person part of it.

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In fact, most of the time these dreams are pretty damn entertaining.

The question is: Should you tell that person about your dream next time you see them? Or, keep it to yourself, so there's no chance they think you're a massive creep? Let's settle this once and for all.

  1. If someone had a dream about you, what would you rather?

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If someone had a dream about you, what would you rather?
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    The person tell you every single, weird detail.
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    The dreamer keep their bedroom thoughts to themselves. Creep.