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    22 Things Every Australian Girl Born In The Early '90s Had In Her Bedroom

    Lip Smackers, a Nokia 3315, and a shitload of Supre bags.

    1. A Polly Pocket that was basically your dream home.

    All photos by Gyan Yankovich.

    Someone put a rainbow slide in my house.

    2. School books that were decorated with shit you cut out of magazines.

    I see you, Frodo.

    3. A bunch of Lip Smackers that went through the washing machine after you left them in the pocket of your school uniform.

    Sorry, Mum. I know you warned me.

    4. And some glittery AF ones for special occasions.

    These were also sticky as hell.

    5. A collection of So Fresh CDs.

    Tbh we all know Spring 2001 was the best. I clearly lost the cover book when I took it out to learn the words to Nelly's, "Ride Wit Me".

    6. These weird rock/jewel things.

    I feel like they were supposed to go in vases but I just had them everywhere?

    7. This The Little Mermaid game.

    Like a GameBoy, but better!

    8. A Roxy or Billabong pencil case that was also decorated with Wite-out or glitter glue.

    Bonus points for that additional ribbon.

    9. A Nokia 3315 and a pink flip phone of some kind.

    Who let me out of the house with that Playboy case tho?

    10. A sparkling Star Castle.

    I lost my key :(.

    11. Some kind of Healthy Harold paraphernalia.

    Life Education ftw.

    12. A collection of "limited edition" Supre bags.

    I really, really thought that these would be worth a lot of money one day.

    13. A bottle or aerosol can of So... Kiss Me perfume.

    Smells like teen spirit, but sweeter!

    14. The disc for your favourite computer game.

    The only thing better than SimTown was this Barbie game.

    15. A Dolly quiz magazine, which helped you work out exactly how you'd get your crush to talk to you in the new year.

    Go quiz crazy!

    16. Some kind of stationary with Hanson or the Spice Girls on it.

    Thank you for everything, TV Hits.

    17. A frangipani shell necklace.

    Lord, forgive me for this fashion sin.

    18. The Sailor Moon doll that looked the most like you.

    Or whatever one they had in Toys "R" Us when your parents took you.

    19. A set of Harry Potter books with the OG covers.

    20. And even more Harry Potter-themed stuff if you were a true fan.

    21. Heaps of books written by Paul Jennings and Morris Gleitzman.

    The Deadly and Wicked series were a blessing from your two fave authors.

    22. And a Furby that probably smelled like a small electrical fire.

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