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Everyone's Losing Their Shit Over This Insanely Pretty Rainbow Highlighter

If you've ever wanted a rainbow on your face, now's your ~time to shine~.

Over the past few days, everyone on the internet has become obsessed with this rainbow highlighter. / Via Instagram:

Tbh it's pretty obvious why. That shit looks magic. It's even got to the point where people have taken to Reddit to try to find it.

Turns out, it's from Bitter Lace Beauty, which specialises in handmade makeup palettes and stock their goods on Etsy. / Via

According to their Instagram page, the rainbow "Prism" palette sold out around four days ago, but it should be available again soon.

When it is available, the pretty palette retails for $22USD, which equals about $28.25AUD. / Via

The brand's single-colour palettes are priced at $16USD (or $20.55AUD) as they're easier to make.

When blended, the shades in the palette make a silvery grey.

But really, what's the point of investing in a perfect rainbow if you're going to blend it all anyway?

Please hurry, palette-crafters. We need this rainbow magic in our lives ASAP.