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These Beautiful Dot-To-Dot Books Will Be Your New Favourite Thing

Just remember, patience is a virtue.

Just like the beautiful ~grown-up~ colouring books that have recently started appearing on everyone's coffee tables, dot-to-dot books are back.

Auckland-born graphic designer Thomas Pavitte, has released a series of books, each filled with incredibly intricate dot-to-dot artworks.


More specifically, each design is made up of 1000 tiny dots for you to connect.

According to the now Melbourne-based Pavitte, each drawing takes between eight and ten hours to design.

Themes for the books include iconic masterpieces, cities, icons, and animals.

And as well as being a great way to work on your concentration skills, the end results are damn unique.

In addition to his dot-to-dot designs, Pavitte has also created a series of books of Querkles, which consist of artworks that are made up of different shaded circles.

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