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I Gave My Co-Workers A Kylie Jenner Makeover

And proved Instagram should never be trusted.

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Kylie Jenner is queen of the Instagram selfie. It's literally undeniable.

In her Instagram bio she refers to herself as Kylizzle.


As a forever fan of Instagram, I find it important that I remind myself - and others - that photos posted on social media CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

As in, highlight the fact that a whole lot of shit goes on behind the scenes of every single photo celebrities upload.

To prove my point, I assigned myself the task of turning our BuzzFeed Australia team into an army of Kylizzles.

I transformed the faces of our office using Facetune, Perfect365 and Afterlight.

This is how it went down.


Jemima into Jemizzle

Her thoughts: I actually love this. I look very much like an anime character but if my nose and lips weren't so ridonk in this photo I would be using it everywhere. Also plz teach me to contour/bronzer/makeup like that. Thanks.

My thoughts: Jemizzle rocks a red lip like nobody's business. Filter or no filter. Also, Jemizzle is an excellent, excellent name.

Alex into Alizzle

Her thoughts: This is everything I've ever wanted. Is there somewhere near work where I can get my eyeballs whitened?

My thoughts: Lips in photo one and two would make Kylizzle (and her hair) green with envy.

Stephanie into Stephizzle

Her thoughts: This is like, a LOT, but it's also #goals. I love it and I'm going to take down all my Instagram photos and re-upload them after I filter them to fuck and back. Probably not really, but whatever.

My thoughts: What have I created?


Tahlia into Tahlizzle

Her thoughts: I've always wondered what I'd look like with botox and now I have my answer. Thank you technology. Can get on board with that whole skin tone though.

My thoughts: Like, I feel a little frightened of Tahlizzle but I'm sure she's just as lovely as Tahlia.

If you want to Kylizzle yourself, try an app (or three) and please, share it below.