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199 Thoughts You Have While Shopping At Forever 21 In Australia

"Is this what being an American teenager feels like?" And other moments of introspection from the store's media launch.

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1. OK, Forever 21 - it's finally here.

2. It sure does sound a lot like Forever New.

3. Isn't that also in Pitt Street Mall?

4. Is it the same shop?

5. No, of course not - they've been working on this one for ages.

6. Everyone here is so excited.

7. Do I have to line up?

8. I am not ready for that.

9. I mean, it's raining.

10. Are they cheerleaders?

11. They are.

12. This is fun.

13. Please, cheer me.

14. Celebrate me!

15. I am going shopping!

16. At Forever New!

17. I mean, Forever 21!

18. Like an American teenager!

19. PROBABLY like an American teenager!

20. Alright. I'm going in.

21. It's bright in here.

22. It's big.

23. Those mannequins have wigs.

24. They remind me of "A" from Pretty Little Liars.

25. What is wrong with me?

26. Something. That's for sure.

27. I need to start watching a new TV show.

28. Tonight.

29. I wonder how much everything is.

30. I should check something before I get attached to anything.

31. First thing I see…

32. A faux-fur coat!

33. $104.95.

34. Reasonable.

35. But that coat reminds me of my dog.

36. Maybe I should check something I do like.


37. A knit.

38. I like knits.

39. They're cosy and I can wear them with anything.

40. $50.95.

41. I've definitely spent more money on less practical things.

42. I'll pick it up.

43. If I don't want it I can just put it down somewhere later.

44. I'm glad the music isn't too loud.

45. And there aren't too many people.

46. Thank god.

47. Oh god.

48. It's probably going to be like Zara once it opens properly.


50. That off-the-shoulder top would be very ~versatile~.

51. I am officially about ten steps in.

52. I have seen so much already.

53. These tables are so neatly folded.

54. Bless whichever worker was assigned that task.

55. Double bless whoever has to fix it up later.

56. Even the jeans are folded neatly.

57. You can't have enough jeans.

58. Denim is a "style staple".

59. Thanks for the brain-washing, consumer society.

60. $12.95?!


62. This place is huge.

63. The cheap jeans news AND this place.

64. Everything I've seen so far is pastel.

65. But I like pink, so that's fine.

66. I wish I didn't pick up this jumper as soon as I walked in.

67. It's damn hot.

68. Is this music getting louder?

69. It definitely is.

70. I suppose it's not as loud as SUPRE.

71. Suck it up.

72. The music creates a good ~atmosphere~.

73. Is this Kylie Minogue?

74. Cute socks!

75. $2.95 for a pair of socks that say "selfie"?

76. It's like an Instagrammer's dream.

77. OK, accessories.

78. So many hats.

79. Do I need more hats?

80. NO.

81. You have nowhere to keep hats, remember?

82. There are so many cute hats though!

83. And scarves.

84. And mittens.

85. Mittens still exist?


87. Look at all these necklaces.

88. Man, oh MAN, they are going to get tangled.

89. I can't even look at them I feel so stressed about their knotted future.

90. That sign says "WE MISS YOU ALREADY".

91. That's silly.


93. Quit hassling me.

94. These mannequins have different wigs.

95. Oh, I think this section is different.

96. It's ~cooler~ than the pink section at the front.

97. I get it.

98. I should head upstairs to "WOMEN PLUS SHOES".

99. This stuff is "premium".

100. It's nice. More expensive, but nice.

101. And a plus-sized section.


103. Go you, Forever 21.

104. This stuff is good.

105. I mean, the section isn't huuuuuge.

106. But this is GOOD.

107. That's a lot of shoes.

108. A lot of boots.

109. And ballet flats.

110. Marissa Cooper would love this.

111. So many cardigans.

112. Grandmas would love this.

113. This store literally goes forever.

114. "Forever."

115. $4.95 Camis.

116. IF I HAVE TO.

117. Is that a shirt for ants?

118. Maybe children?

119. That purple coat is nice.

120. It's not made from fake dog either.

121. And it is the SAME PRICE as the dog coat!

122. That mirror says "SHOPPING IS MY CARDIO".

123. I am definitely sweating because this place is a sauna, not because I've been doing cardio training.

124. It's that hot in here.

125. OK, the music is definitely louder.

126. And I think it's stopped being real music.

127. Alright, back down the escalator.

128. This wall is cool.

129. I'd have it in my dream house.

130. I wish I could "pin" this wall.

131. Down another level I go.

132. How long have I been in here?

133. It must almost be an hour?

134. If only I wasn't carrying around this knitted jumper, I could use my hands to check the time.

135. Oh look - trackies.

136. For $35?

137. Is that reasonable?

138. They do feel soft.

139. I'm not carrying around track pants.

140. Hell no.

141. Wow - an MTV pajama set.

142. I will definitely be an instant American teenager if I pick those up.

143. Those pants say "keep out".

144. As in "keep out of my pants, unless invited"?

145. That seems a little problematic.

146. Like, that should probably go without saying.

147. There is an entire onesie section here.

148. Ugh. Moving on.

149. This place looks like American Apparel now.

150. But without the troubling advertising.

151. Just lots of leotards, for some reason.

152. Maybe for people who dance professionally, or go to lots of music festivals.

153. Alright now this is where the ~active~ people shop.


154. I feel like I'm in Lorna Jane.

155. This place is like every clothing chain in one.

156. All they need are some overpriced man clothes and they will be General Pants.

157. Oh wait.

158. There is a man section.

159. I literally had no idea they sold men's clothes in Forever 21.

160. Good news for the men!

161. And for me.

162. I think I like this stuff better than the women's stuff.

163. But LOL at those ~lumbersexual~ overalls.

164. Someone will buy them.

165. Sorry General Pants - you're about to lose a customer.


167. It's divided into "low", "mid" and "high".

168. This is great.

169. People who like to be comfortable know where to shop.

170. And Paris Hilton will know where she belongs if she ever comes in here.

171. If she still wears low-rise jeans anyway.

172. It's officially been 59 minutes.

173. I should go.

174. I've been through so much with this knitted jumper now - I've got to have it.

175. And that top I saw at the front.

176. Oh god, where was it.

177. There.

178. Great.

179. Now the register.


181. This is Goblet of Fire shit right here.

182. "Get through this without buying anything extra and you WIN THE TRI-WIZARD TOURNAMENT."

183. Everything in this maze is so cheap.

184. And bright.

185. And useful.

186. There are even more novelty socks.

187. But I don't need them.

188. Hurry up register, please.

189. I'm next.

190. "Just these, please."

191. God that's a good jumper.

192. I am so proud of myself.

193. Fresh air!

194. Peace and quiet!

195. But the jeans.

196. And the various pink things.

197. And the novelty socks!

198. Screw it, I'll come back again next week.

199. It won't be that busy, surely…