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    • GustavusAdolphus

      So according to mcat, people who “claim” to have clinical depression also lack any sort of empathy for others? That they see themselves as a tragic figure who was the first to realize “Oh wow there’s no actual point to life, everyone dies, everything ends?” From mcat’s post, it sounds like they don’t have depression, but are feeling pretty stressed out if they break down, cry, and feel better afterwards. Depression isn’t a one time crying session. It’s every second of every day. It’s that thought that just pops into your head saying “you’re worthless.” It could be at school, at work, at the dinner table with your family. Or the one that says “why don’t you just kill yourself?’  The message that mcat was trying to deliver effectively amounted to: be happy. And that is one of the things that anyone with depression is sick of hearing.

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