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Ryan Alexander Jenkins [Second Update]

Is a Person of Interest to the Police! Megan Wants A Millionaire contestant Ryan Alexander Jenkins is being sought for questioning about the murder of Jasmine Fiore. He is apparently a "person of interest". Incidentally, he won last week's date with Megan - in case for some reason you haven't been following the show.

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Jasmine Fiore was found strangled to death, stuffed suitcase, in a dumpster in Buena park, CA. Fiore, a swimsuit model, was recently married to Ryan Jenkins (according to TrueCrimeReport). Jenkins, a Canadian, reported her missing saturday night, then proceeded to disappear. Police suspect he may be trying to return to Canada. [tip via Bella]

**Update** Ryan Alexander Jenkins continues to be sought by the police, and VH1 has postponed any future airings of Megan Wants a Millionaire, it is unclear whether these episode will ever see the light of day. Additionally, Ryan Jenkins was a contestant on another, as of yet unaired VH1 show- I Love Money 3, which will not be airing anytime soon. VH1 is attempting to put as much distance as they can between themselves and Jenkins. The investigative might of TMZ is speculating that Ryan Jenkins might be headed for Honduras.

**Second Update** More Details have been revealed both about the Jasmine Fiore murder and the relationship between Ryan Jenkins and Jasmine Fiore. The Orange County Police had a revealing press conference yesterday conference yesterday

  • Jasmine Fiore had filed a battery complaint against Jenkins in April.
  • A warrant was issued for Ryan Jenkins, now officially a suspect.
  • Jasmine Fiore's body was mutilated. Her fingers and teeth were removed probably in an effort to prevent her identification.
  • Ryan Jenkins is believed to be currently in Canada . His car was located in Blaine, WA, with a trailer attached. A boat belonging to him was located in Port Robert, WA adjacent to the Canadian border. Authorities believe he crossed the border on foot.
  • A possible motive for the murder was Jasmine Fiore's ongoing relationship with former Boyfriend Robert Hasman. Seen here pleading for aid in the effort to capture Ryan Jenkins.
  • Ryan Jenkins is believed to be armed and dangerous, possibly hiding in in the Vancouver metropolitan area.
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