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  • Meaningful Art From Airstrikes In Gaza

    Palestinian artists have been capturing images of the air strikes in Gaza and turning the images of the smoke into works of art. The result? Captivating pictures that will stay with you for a long time. #Gaza The images are full of symbolic imagery usually associated with resistance and grief. You can see children lifted to the heavens, embracing couples, and horses rising in resistance. Each image is very emotional and sends a powerful message. The artists are Tawfik Gebreel, Belal Khaled, and Bushra Shanan. Reported by The Independent.

  • #occupygezi Through Street-Art

    Gezi Park, Istanbul. May 28, 2013. Referred to as the Occupy Gezi movement, it all started in Istanbul with the aim of preserving one of the few green areas left in the city; Gezi Park. According to the nation’s Prime Minister, this land would have been better suited for a shopping mall but for obvious reasons, many did not agree. Imagine cutting down Central Park in New York City to build a mall!! Culturally, Turkish people have a tenacious sense of dark humour and it even dominates the street art related to the Occupy Gezi movement. Below are some of the street art associated with #occupygezi and the images’ cultural significances.

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