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Guinness World Records - Best Of 2012

Featuring PSY, Felix Baumgartner, The Avengers, Hot Wheels and many other record breakers, with soundtrack from Kill The Noise & Feed Me, these are THE best world records of 2012.

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Here's a full list of the record-breakers featured in the video - did you know them all?

Fastest vehicle drift - Lars Verbraeken, 179.59 km/h

Farthest distance to pull a vehicle with meat hooks in the back - Burnaby Q. Orbax, 111.7 m

Furthest trampoline slam dunk - Thilo Schwarck, 7.75 m

Fastest speed skiing backwards - Anders Backe, 128.7 km/h

Longest 720 ramp jump on skis - Joey Spencer, 26.95 m

Fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice - Ryan Sucjanek, 152.89 km/h

Highest bungee jump into water whilst on fire - Yoni Roch, 65.09 m

Highest blob jump - Christian 'Elvis' Guth, 22.0 m

Tightest parallel parking in reverse - Ronny Wechselberger, 35 cm

Most watched video online - PSY's "Gangnam Style"

Chayne Hultgren, multiple circus tricks record holder

Heaviest bike - Wouter van den Bosch, 750 kg

Highest freefall parachute jump - Felix Baumgartner

Most continuous paraglider loops - Horacio Llorens, 568 loops

Fastest 100m on all fours - Kenichi Ito, 17.47 s

Fastest $1 billion box office film gross - The Avengers, 10 days

Largest loop the loop in a car - Greg Tracy and Tanner Foust, Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare, 18.29 m

Longest wave surfed by a dog - Abbie, 107.2 m

Largest drum set - Dr. Mark Temperato, 340 pieces

Lowest roadworthy car - Okayama Sanyo High School, 45.2 cm

Fastest time to climb The Torch Doha unassisted - Alain Robert, 1 hr 33 min 47 s

Shortest living man - Chandra Bahdur Dangi - 54.6 cm

First 1080 on a skateboard - Tom Schaar, aged 12

Most stunts performed by a living actor - Jackie Chan

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