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10 Huge Food Guinness World Records Titles To Make Your Tummy Rumble

Breaking records gets people excited (and hungry) no matter where you are in the world. But don't worry, these record-breakers all stuck to the rules and gave away the food afterwards, as per the GWR rule book. Free food for all!

GuinnessWorldRecords • 4 years ago

Guinness World Records - Best Of 2012

Featuring PSY, Felix Baumgartner, The Avengers, Hot Wheels and many other record breakers, with soundtrack from Kill The Noise & Feed Me, these are THE best world records of 2012.

GuinnessWorldRecords • 6 years ago

Longest Jump Between 2 Swiss Balls

Neil Whyte sets up 2 Swiss balls 2.3m (7ft 6in) apart - but can he make the jump between them?! Watch and find out...

GuinnessWorldRecords • 7 years ago

World's Shortest Man And Woman Meet For The First Time

The world's shortest man, Chandra Bahadur Dangi (54.6 cm, Nepal), and the world's shortest woman, Jyoti Amge (62.8 cm, India) recently met for the first time. We have exclusive pictures and video.

GuinnessWorldRecords • 7 years ago

Meet Bruschi - The Dog With The World's Largest Eyes!

4 year old Boston Terrier Bruschi holds the Guinness World Record for "dog with the largest eyes" - each one measuring a whopping 28mm in diameter! Here are the top 10 facts about this record-breaking dog.

GuinnessWorldRecords • 7 years ago

Meet Tom Schaar, 12-Year-Old Skateboarding Prodigy

He may only be 12, but Tom Schaar is already a big name in the skateboarding world after landing the first ever 1080 spin, and more recently, becoming the youngest ever X Games gold medallist.

GuinnessWorldRecords • 7 years ago

Retro Video: Longest Skateboard Handstand

Sam Tartamella was 41 years old when he set this record way back in 1996, but only got round to sending us the evidence last week! Check out his retro record...

GuinnessWorldRecords • 7 years ago

Is This The New World's Shortest Man?

Guinness World Records plans trip to Nepal to measure potential new shortest living man!

GuinnessWorldRecords • 7 years ago

Top 29 World Records of 2011

From the world's authority on superlative achievements, Guinness World Records, here are 29 of the most impressive, awe-inspiring, and popular world records we've seen in 2011. Enjoy!

GuinnessWorldRecords • 7 years ago

NEW Tightest Parallel Parking Guinness World Record - 24cm!

Skidding his way into the record books, Zhang Hua of China managed to squeeze into a space just 24cm (9.45in) longer than the car he was driving - a new Guinness World Record for the tightest parallel parking! Here's a look back at some of past attempts, as well as this amazing new record.

GuinnessWorldRecords • 7 years ago