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19 Reasons Being A Straight White Man Is Hard AF

It's the hard knock life for us.

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2. When you have to watch something from the other 10% and it makes you uncomfortable because you're not used to not feeling represented.

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"Hey, wait a second... There are hardly any white straight men in this movie! There are only, like, five."


7. And if you are, they congratulate you for it instead of calling you a whore or slut.


Can you please just do me the favor of judging my sex life at least a little bit? I, too, need a compass to guide my life according to your moral principles.


12. When they make products specifically designed with your tastes in mind and now there are so many options available to you that you just can't even.


Do I want a soap that smells like pomegranates or in the shape of a tiger? Ugh, this is too hard.


16. Or when you get serious about something and no one calls you bossy or tells you that you need to get laid.

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Do you think we're comfortable with the degree of authority society has granted us? We're just trying to be loved, like anybody else.


17. When you get a promotion and no one tells you it's only because you're good looking or "hot."


Am I not allowed to feel handsome? Do you have to assume it happened because of my merit rather than my chiseled features?

This post was translated from Spanish.