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    19 Reasons Being A Straight White Man Is Hard AF

    It's the hard knock life for us.

    1. When approximately 90% of pop culture is targeted at you.

    2. When you have to watch something from the other 10% and it makes you uncomfortable because you're not used to not feeling represented.

    3. When you have a bad day and no one asks you if you're menstruating.

    4. When you earn more than the rest of the world.

    5. When no one asks you where you're from.

    6. When no one assumes that you're promiscuous.

    7. And if you are, they congratulate you for it instead of calling you a whore or slut.

    8. When people only give you their opinion about your physique when you ask them to.

    9. When laws aimed at achieving equality need to be created.

    10. When they talk to you about minorities.

    11. When you don't have a hard time renting an apartment because the landlord is not prejudiced but then you find another one that you like more.

    12. When they make products specifically designed with your tastes in mind and now there are so many options available to you that you just can't even.

    13. When you're in a job interview and they don't ask you if you're thinking about having children.

    14. When no one watches you when you're in a store just in case you steal something.

    15. When you talk about your sexuality and no one asks you if it's just a phase.

    16. Or when you get serious about something and no one calls you bossy or tells you that you need to get laid.

    17. When you get a promotion and no one tells you it's only because you're good looking or "hot."

    18. When no one appropriates your culture.

    19. When other men don't explain to you precisely what you've just said.

    This post was translated from Spanish.