15 Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Like, "No More, Thanks."

    Only the bravest among you will make it to the final photo.

    WARNING: Everything you see here is professional makeup. It's not real... but you'll suffer anyway.

    Continue at your own risk.

    1. Let's start with this flirty bit of makeup. It's perfect for showing off your beautiful smile in every group photo on Halloween.

    2. And if you get tired of your Halloween look, you can always take it off and stick your own face back on.

    3. Or if you prefer, you can go around like this all night. #nomakeupselfie

    4. Of course, if you're taking it off and putting it on a lot, you may be better off just getting a zipper installed.

    5. Ever get such a bad migraine that you just want to tear your head off?

    6. If you're a mermaid introducing yourself to the human world, it's best to take it slow.

    7. Don't you hate it when your contact lens is irritating you and you rub at it too much?

    8. Ok, this is a warning. These are going to get a lot worse before they get any better.

    9. Repeat after me: It's just makeup. It's just makeup. It's just makeup.

    10. Guaranteed nightmares.

    11. Just some cosmetic damage. Nothing major.

    12. Ugh. Hate it when this happens.

    13. If you want to dress up like a pretty flower this Halloween, here's the perfect costume for you:

    14. "No more, please."

    15. NO. MORE. PLEASE.