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So "Dad Fashion" Is Officially Our Favorite 2018 Fashion Trend

Here's the unifying trend behind all those pops-approved sneakers, sweaters, and fanny packs.

So recently Lyst, a global fashion search platform with more than 70 million users worldwide, published a report on the most influential fashion trends of 2018...

Amongst the top trends this year: anything and everything '90s, whether it's a Friends-level turtleneck or a dash of grunge...

And of course, luxury (or luxe-looking) sportswear:

But our favorite and probably the most fun trend of 2018? "Dad fashion," apparently.

You've definitely seen it — think collared shirts, layered crew neck sweaters, and not-quite-mom jeans like this:

Also known as "dadcore," dad fashion consists of comfortable, retro-looking clothes that look as if you've been wearing them for years.

The biggest contribution of dad fashion to 2k18, of course, are the dad sneakers:

But dad jeans are also so hot right now — they're the ones with that perfect relaxed fit that looks both androgynous and comfy.

Just throw on a big, professor-y dad cardigan on top, and you're in business, kiddo.

More dad fashion pieces to invest in if you haven't: random-seeming logo tees, like the kind your pops would wear for years at a time after buying it once on vacation...

And tube socks. You gotta wear those dad sneaks with some dad socks, after all.

If you think about it, dad fashion jives perfectly with our current '90s obsession — after all, it's how most of our dads, who came of sartorial age in the actual '90s, probably still dress:

And we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that Balenciaga has literally been putting that dad vibe out on their runway, so now you know it's a trend that even high fashion approves of.

Plus, streetwear and sportswear brands are piggybacking off the trend, making it easier than ever to dress like the on-the-go father figure of yr dreams:

So, what do we think, BuzzFeeders? Are we keeping this dad fashion thing for next year too?

This post was translated from Spanish.