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    Updated on Sep 1, 2020. Posted on Jul 23, 2016

    The 20 Worst Damn Cosplays You've Ever Seen

    These might make you die from laughter.

    1. If Donald Duck saw this, he'd probably be sick:

    2. The Dory you'd never want to brush past your leg if you were swimming in the ocean:

    3. Whoa. Am I looking at the same photo twice here?

    4. Hey! It's Pluto! You know, that nightmare from your childhood?

    5. Big Ben has never looked so small.

    @lowcostcosplay / Via Instagram: @lowcostcosplay

    6. You'll never see ramen in the same way again.

    7. Here's a Pikachu that will make you want to delete Pokémon Go from your phone:

    @lowcostcosplay / Via

    8. Wow. That's a helluva makeup tutorial.

    9. This pair is even too scary for Tim Burton:

    10. Hey, Captain America! I'm a huge fan.

    11. All of your wildest desires will be granted to you. Just rub the toil– er...lamp.

    12. American Horror Story: Actual Horrors.

    13. Points for creativity! (Negative points.)

    14. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    15. Because even Belle has bad angles.

    16. The people's Iron Man.

    17. Oh sure! He's cosplaying as everyone's favorite character! Roll-on deodorant.

    18. The Red Ranger, looking around the room: "Anyone else think Zordon seems a little off today?"

    19. Goodbye Kitty.

    @lowcost_cosplay / Via

    20. And the award for worst costume goes to this woman!

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