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Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer Break Down

The trailer for the new Doctor Who series, coming fall 2012, arrived online today. Here is a break down for fans of the show and anyone who's pause button is broke on their Youtube.

How soon? Not soon enough if you ask me. But good things come to those who wait.

Back in the US? Excellent, we all know that works, and works well. But then again, it could be an alien planet. In a sci-fi show? It's possible!

Wait a minute... BANE? In a hat?

No, its just this guy. A very tanned Robo-Cop in a Stetson. Good to know they are still cool.

And here he is! The Time Lord himself. Not looking too happy about going up against that orange cyborg. I wouldn't blame him, get a sneaky peek of the cannon attached to his arm later. It's big. On another note, I'm loving the Marshall badge the good Doctor is donning.

Who do we have here then? The Doctor, Amy and Rory. Check. Cleopatra? Check. Guy in a hat OH WAIT THAT'S LESTRADE FROM SHERLOCK. So, Rupert Graves, check. And then that bloke in the back is GOOD GRIEF THAT'S MR WEASLEY. I'm going to have guess that he maybe playing Rory's dad and I'll tell you why later.

What now? EXPLOSION.

Another one? WHY NOT.


Then a whole lotta of running! Snow!



Back in the Wild West, and that robot cowboy is causing havoc and interrupting the Doctor, who is having some kind of Adam Ant style make up applied to him. For a split second, I could have sworn that this was River Song, but alas, no.

A GUN?!? We've only seen the Doctor with a gun when he is EXTREMELY ticked off with someone, like in "The End Of Time". Look at his face. He's not a happy bunny.

Whereas Amy looks kinda happier. Unlike the guy behind her. He got a mean face. Or is that Blue Steel?

I thought I'd include this because A. his moustache and B. his waistcoat. It's a good look.

Ahh, the old gang back together. This trio give me a warm feeling inside.

Ok now, what? Who are these guys? Aliens? Just manual machinery? Transformers? They look like they mean business.

It's another Harry Potter alum! David Bradley, who played Argus Filch in the Wizard film series, is here threatening Cleopatra with those big yellow machines. I've just checked who his character is meant to be in this and I got excited. No, I'm not telling. It will spoil it.

Shotguns and striped jumpers. Oh, BBC, how well you know me.

On a serious note, this series is looking stunning. The cinematography is flipping fantastic and one of the reasons that the show has been doing so well over the last half a decade.

So this is Mark Williams, the aforementioned Mr Weasley. The reason I think he is Rory's father is the fact that, according to IMDB, the first episode is called "Rory's Dad". The way he is rocking that body warmer, he has to be, right?

Also this man. He is called Adrain Scarborough and you'll most likely know him from British hit TV show "Gavin & Stacey". There's not much too say but his character name in this episode is Kahler Jex. Which is awesome.

Here's that cannon I was talking about. Shiny and deadly. I like it.

"Give me a Dalek any day" sighs the Doctor. You shouldn't that! I know Moffat said he was retiring them for a bit but you never know when they'll pop up again...


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