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7 Ridiculous Items You Can Buy Online Right Now

Have a lot of money? Want to waste some? This list will show just what utter crap you can buy with loads of cash and no common sense.

  • 1. The World's Biggest Burger

    The World's Biggest Burger

    Mallie's Sports Bar and Grill in Michigan once made a record breaking burger and then decided to make a bigger one. For $2000 (plus shipping) it can be yours, just make sure you can stomach the 185 lbs of meat. Link

  • 2. Diamond Encrusted Water

    Diamond Encrusted Water

    Bling H20 have a great opportunity for you to buy "The Ten Thousand", a custom made bottle of water with 10,000 hand applied Swarovski Crystals. Water for over two and half grand. Link

  • 3. Jetpack


    New Zealand company Martin Jetpack developed and revealed their first practical jetpack in 2008 and will now sell you one for 100 thousand as long as you pass their approved training programme. Link

  • 4. Panda Chair

    Panda Chair

    Desingers Fernando and Humberto Campana came up with the idea to glue stuffed panda bears to a metal frame and decided to call it a chair. Now one of the twenty five they made is on sale for 85k. Link

  • 5. A Golden Oud

    A Golden Oud

    Jhoseph King and Ernest L. Samson, the guys from Goldcaster, not only make golden guitars but also Electric Ouds. Like a Lute but stubby and with a solid 18K gold top. Link

  • 6. A Watch

    A Watch

    Its a watch. Just a god damned watch. I have looked at the stats and they tell me nothing as to why you should shell out one and a shitting half million dollars for it. ITS NOT EVEN WATERPROOF. Link

  • 7. The Most Expensive iPhone Ever

    The Most Expensive iPhone Ever

    Im done. Fuck it. Link