• 1. Sailing


     Romantic cruise? I think not.

  • 2. Christmas


     I’m blocking up my chimney. Right now.

  • 3. Goatees


     When it gets in the way of putting a tie on, its too long.

  • 4. Halloween


     I’m not sure if these are costumes or actual nightmares.

  • 5. Family Portraits

    Family Portraits

     “I don’t care if they’re dead, I want them in the photo.”

  • 6. Hairstyles


     There’s a turd on her head. A turd.

  • 7. Ku Klux Klan

    Ku Klux Klan

     It’s hard to be racist when you look hilarious.

  • 8. Ventriloquist Dummies

    Ventriloquist Dummies

     Is it meant to be the other way round? I can’t tell.

  • 9. Nights Out

    Nights Out

     I mean, bicycles? Where did they even get those from?

  • 10. Sanity


     What the very fuck.