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    Ultimate Guide To Shark Week 2015

    It's not too late to get the inside scoop on summer's most exciting week.

    July 5th kicked off everyone's favorite week on the Discovery Channel. But it's not too late to get the inside scoop. Here's what you need to know about the 2015 season of America's longest-running cable television programming event.

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    BuzzFeed / Getty Images


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    This is Debra's first Shark Week. She'll be featured in the first episode of Jaw and Order, a reality show that documents the day-to-day lives of sharks who are in shark-jail because they bit someone.


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    Jeanne, the goofy fan-favorite hammerhead shark, is back! Jeanne will be featured on Saturday's episode of Shark Mafia. Packed with excitement, it is an episode you do not want to miss. She kills someone!


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    Tim is delighted to be making his first appearance on Shark Week! This summer, you can catch Tim on Friday's episode of Shark You Kidding Me? Tim spent the last 3 years as a cast member of InFINite Wonders, a traveling aquarium. He'd like to thank God, his parents, and his agent.


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    Erik, a Shark Week veteran, will be returning to host America's Next Top Shark. After his infamous accidental tweet, last year's drunken incident at the Deep Blue after-party, and the recent rumors about a dorsal fin reduction, Erik is the shark everyone will be buzzing about.

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    WHAT: Underwater Killers After-Party Hosted by DJ Chomp

    EXPECT: Underwater Killers is throwing a slamming party. Mingle with some of the hottest names in the Shark industry. DJ Chomp will be spinning the theme from Jaws the entire night, and nothing else. Sip on a cocktail and swim the night away.

    WHERE: In the ocean, off the coast of North Carolina, kinda like right near all those big rocks.

    WHEN: Wednesday, July 8, 10pm.

    WHAT: Disco Sunday After-Party Hosted by Intel

    EXPECT: Everyone will be swimming to this cannot-miss after-party which will feature a performance by Brooklyn-based electro-soul duo The Doppleganger Experience.

    WHERE: Remote New Zealand waters.

    WHEN: Sunday, July 12, 11pm.

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    - A shark will put its mouth right near the camera lens and you'll be like "Whoa!" because for a second there it looked like the shark was coming after you.

    - You'll contemplate getting up from the couch, but then you'll decide against it.

    - Grim branded Shark content.

    - Someone in an underwater cage will have a close encounter with a shark.

    - Mysterious meats will be tossed into a body of water.

    - A man will be saying "Get a load of this!" while pointing to a shark.

    - It's gonna be wet.

    - Someone. Will. Die.