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The 29 Worst Times To Take A Nap

Stay awake.

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1. During class.

2. While babysitting.

3. In the morning after your alarm goes off.

4. During a job interview.

5. At your kid's school play.

6. While listening to someone's story. (Note: If the person telling the story is your friend, and you do jokey pretend-napping to indicate that the story is boring, that's OK and it is also very funny.)

7. At a red light.

8. While running on the treadmill.

9. On your desk at work.

10. On a date.

11. During the birth of your child.

12. While taking the SATs.

13. On the subway, because you will most likely miss your stop.

14. During sex.

15. Immediately after having sex.

16. While performing surgery.

17. As you're passing the Olympic torch.

18. Conducting a symphony.

19. While someone is proposing to you.

20. At your wedding, during your vows.

21. At your wedding, while walking down the aisle.

22. While watching your friend's student film that they've been working on for six years.

23. Oscar night (if you're hosting the Oscars.)

24. Oscar night, when they announce that you've won an Oscar.

25. Oscar night, in the middle of your acceptance speech.

26. Oscar night (if you've waited one year to watch the Oscars and would be sad to miss it).

27. Right after someone says, "Are you even listening to what I'm saying?"

28. While reading this post, because I would be very offended.

29. While gangnam styling.

This post was inspired by snapchat user lilaloulou! Buzzfeed <3's you!

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