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    Posted on Dec 14, 2015

    17 Situations That Are Made Better By The Holidays

    It's the most wonderful time of the year.

    1. Getting pulled over by the cops.

    Brand X Pictures / Getty Images

    2. Your sister stepping on your phone.

    Candyboximages / Getty Images

    3. Losing your dog.

    Fergregory / Getty Images

    4. Getting stuck in a traffic jam.

    Zhanglianxun / Getty Images

    5. Dealing with student debt.

    Designer491 / Getty Images

    6. That loud annoying guy on the bus.

    Toby Burrows / Getty Images

    7. Getting into a fight with your best friend.

    Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Getty Images

    8. Your jerk boss yelling at you.

    Fuse / Getty Images

    9. Your mom forcing you to do your stupid homework.

    Jupiterimages / Getty Images
    Grace Spelman

    10. Your boyfriend refusing to clean up at his own sports party.

    Fuse / Getty Images

    11. Those dang teens bothering you at the movie theater.

    Hemera Technologies / Getty Images

    12. Finding out that tickets to the Imagine Dragons concert are sold out.

    Littlebee80 / Getty Images

    13. Your kids fighting over a toy.

    Stockbyte / Getty Images

    14. Being forced to eat gross vegetables.

    Thomas Northcut / Getty Images

    15. The car breaking down during a road trip.

    Noel Hendrickson / Getty Images

    16. Being on a plane with a screaming baby.

    Radist / Getty Images

    17. Getting rejected from college.

    Brand X Pictures / Getty Images
    Brand X Pictures / Getty Images

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