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    42 Things That Make Yorkshire People Feel Proper Chuffed

    "Is Yorkshire Tea OK?"

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    1. When there's no queue in Cooplands at lunchtime

    2. When Location, Location, Location airs a local episode and you spend an hour pointing at places you know.

    3. And when they feature your obscure little village on the national news weather map.

    4. Asking for English Breakfast Tea when abroad and getting the reply "Is Yorkshire Tea OK?"

    5. Spotting the majestic "Visit Yorkshire" sign in a foreign airport.

    6. And even better, hearing a Yorkshire accent abroad.

    7. When spritely Paul Hudson bounds about predicting the weather will be "not too bad," which is pretty much the best we can hope for.

    8. And the rare summer days when you don't need to take both an umbrella and a pair of sunglasses out with you.

    9. Any reminder of the Arctic Monkeys hysteria of 2005.

    10. When your favourite band actually tours to Leeds and Sheffield, and not just bloody Manchester.

    11. When Tesco goes on a reduced price sticker spree for no apparent reason, prompting you to walk home with six packs of mashed potato for 19p each and a 7p paella.

    12. Food markets.

    13. Finding someone who agrees with you that it's a bap, not a cob, or a bread roll. Idiots.

    14. Anytime One Direction are mentioned and you have a reason to blurt out your tentative yet mildly convincing link with Zayn, Louis, or both.

    15. Catching a Grand Central train, with their groovy game board tables.

    16. And when the barriers are up at your local train station.

    17. Yorkshire puddings on the menu of any pub outside of Yorkshire.

    18. Getting away with calling someone a "mardy bum" because they don't actually know what it means.

    19. When you go to the seaside and it doesn't piss it down.

    20. Finding a fiver outside your local. Or in fact, any pub.

    21. When you spot Harry Gration in the pub.

    22. Or Sean Bean.

    23. Barnsley folk on TV gameshows.

    24. And when a northerner on TV or in the movies isn't portrayed as a total imbecile. #NevilleLongbottom

    25. When your friend moves to London and tells you their rent for a cramped one-bedroom flat, and it's the same as what you pay for a spacious three-bedroom house with garden and drive.

    26. Any fresh rumours that Doncaster might finally get city status.

    27. When an American hears you're from England and doesn't automatically assume you mean London.

    28. Hearing the words "I've never been…. But I've travelled through it" in relation to your humble little town or village.

    29. Anytime the God of Northern humour, Peter Kay, has another documentary made about him.

    30. When a decent coffee shop chain finally reaches your end of town after a 15-year wait.

    31. Any conversation about the Olympics and Paralympics, seeing as our very own lads and lasses absolutely smashed them.

    32. When your bus sails past you on the way to the stop, but you perform an incredible sprint finish that would make Usain Bolt proud and make it just in time.

    33. Anything to do with the Queen. Literally anything.

    34. Hearing that yet another "best fish and chip shop" award has been won by a place in Brid, Cleggy, or Whitby.

    35. Correcting folk that say The Shard is the tallest structure in the UK when it's actually our Emley Moor Mast in Huddersfield.

    36. Sc-OWN-es.

    37. Realising that you're sledding on clean white fields of snow while your London friends are having a miserable time in black slush.

    38. Getting to November and still not wearing a proper winter coat.

    39. Anytime one of our theaters outshines the ones in the West End. That being said, with the likes of The Crucible and The West Yorkshire Playhouse up here, it's not all that surprising.

    40. Making it the ENTIRE way down your high street without being stopped by a chugger.

    41. Getting seated in Betty's York branch in anything under 30 minutes.

    42. And when a Yorkshire-virgin visits and has to admit that it's not so grim up North after all.

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