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    19 Useful Life Skills Everyone From Leeds Has Mastered

    Us Loiners are a talented bunch.

    1. Avoiding the City Centre Loop between 5pm and 6pm by any means necessary.

    20th Television

    We'd much rather spend an extra hour wandering aimlessly around town.

    2. Sacking off the incredibly poor escalators in Trinity and learning the various shortcuts instead.

    Flickr: 94984747@N02 / Creative Commons

    Going through Next or Urban Outfitters to reach level two is infinitely quicker than taking the escalator.

    3. Dodging irritating slow walkers on Briggate at the weekend.

    Bravo / Via

    A special lane for people who actually want to get shit done would be appreciated.

    4. Turning into a professional sprinter when you’re late for your train and see that it’s on platform 16.

    Is it even possible to step onto that Manchester train and not be totally breathless?

    5. Looking up when out and about, and never just straight ahead.

    Flickr: atoach / Creative Commons

    There is some seriously magnificent shit above our heads.

    6. Knowing the cheapest place to park in City Centre, depending on what time of day it is.

    Bravo / Via

    Aka Quarry Hill is only £2 after 6pm, but Trinity for £3 is your best bet if you need to be in for 5pm #insiderknoweldge.

    7. Knowing exactly which landmarks will blow the socks off new visitors to Leeds.

    Flickr: billyrichards

    These usually include Kirkstall Abbey, Roundhay Park, Temple Newsam, and at least one of the city centre arcades.

    8. And knowing that SkyLounge has the best city centre views on offer.

    9. Accepting the aftermath of an Otley Run like a total pro.


    We never learn.

    10. Using ninja-like reflexes to bag the last available table in pub gardens on a summer’s afternoon.

    Flickr: atoach / Creative Commons

    11. Learning to carry on in the face of adversity, no matter what.

    Twitter: @StoppoDriver

    "Major flooding? Nah mate, we'll be rate."

    12. Preparing a whole year’s worth of commitments around August bank holiday's West Indian Carnival.

    Flickr: ledgard / Creative Commons

    13. Knowing the ideal browse-to-meatball ratio for an Ikea trip.

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    Leaving just enough time for a browse around Homesense, too.

    14. Staying far enough away from the train station to rid ourselves of that pesky Uber surge.

    Paramount Pictures

    Outside Burger King will usually do the trick.

    15. Chatting to all the old ladies in the queue when the bus is late.

    Flickr: neil_schofield

    The fact that people won’t even look you in the eye in London is a totally alien concept.

    16. Having endless conversations about how excited we all are about the new John Lewis.

    NBC / Via

    For real, though.

    17. Dressing better for a night out that any other Northern city ever could.

    Reddit / Via

    Those Sheffield/Manchester/Liverpool lads and lasses ain't got nothing on us.

    18. Having absolutely no issue with calling out morons.

    Twitter: @StuartLong01

    We are not the ones to piss off.

    19. But most of the time, we are absolutely bloody lovely to each other.

    Flickr: bonvoyagetohappy / Creative Commons / Twitter: @Destructo_Dog / BuzzFeed

    Because Leeds folk > all other folk.

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