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19 Useful Life Skills Everyone From Leeds Has Mastered

Us Loiners are a talented bunch.

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2. Sacking off the incredibly poor escalators in Trinity and learning the various shortcuts instead.

Flickr: 94984747@N02 / Creative Commons

Going through Next or Urban Outfitters to reach level two is infinitely quicker than taking the escalator.


4. Turning into a professional sprinter when you’re late for your train and see that it’s on platform 16.

6. Knowing the cheapest place to park in City Centre, depending on what time of day it is.

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Aka Quarry Hill is only £2 after 6pm, but Trinity for £3 is your best bet if you need to be in for 5pm #insiderknoweldge.

7. Knowing exactly which landmarks will blow the socks off new visitors to Leeds.

Flickr: billyrichards

These usually include Kirkstall Abbey, Roundhay Park, Temple Newsam, and at least one of the city centre arcades.

8. And knowing that SkyLounge has the best city centre views on offer.


Sorry Angelicas, we do love you too.


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