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    • Gnot

      Kara - if you believe pregnancy starts at conception it is not safe for you to use any kind of birth control other than condoms. If you have used it in the past, you have likely aborted (by your definition) a “child”. You are in luck though, if you want the right to use birth control taken away from you (because you are too irresponsible to take that choice away from yourself I guess). The way the Ohio laws are currently set up, it’s clear that is soon going to be on the agenda of some politicians in your state. They’ve already cleared a good portion of the legal objections away by working so hard to deny women this basic right. Extra good news! Your daughters and nieces will also be so happy to live in a world where they’ll have fewer rights than their mothers once enjoyed. What a great thing!

    • Gnot

      To those who are talking about false abortions (abortions performed on women who aren’t pregnant) what are you talking about?? Icould see this happening if abortions were made illegal and only done by back alley non-medical “practitioners”, but that statement really makes no sense. If you are talking about D+C’s, those are done all the time for common medical reasons, and are the abortion procedure, just done on non-pregnant women. It’s perfectly safe. I’m sure you know someone with endometriosis or similar who has it done regularly. And taking the hormone methods certainly won’t harm you.
      As for those talking about pregnancy beginning at conception-you yourself have therefore naturally “aborted” between 30 and 70 percent of your “pregnancies”. Ihope you treat every menstrual period you have asafuneral, because odds are good it is.
      For those who are professing more information is good, regardless of when or where or what or when it is! Who doesn’t want to know how muchadoctor is making off your medical procedure (since the US has the most expensive birth costs in the world, running from $5000-$75000 foraregular normal birth, that doctor most assuredly loses money on your abortion, don’t let’s forget money is all doctors are in medicine for, not because they actually care about people), and who doesn’t want to hear every last detail about the fetus you are going to have removed from your body. Why not just wait until it’s out and force women to look at it? That would be informative too. So kind. So humane. So empathetic. The point is all women know thatafetus isapotential baby. That’s why they want the abortion in the first place. They don’t need the excessively cruel additional “information” or the medically unnecessary legalized rape by vaginal ultrasound (rape is defined as any non-consensual penetration of objects or otherwise). Those who are blithely and unthinkingly joyful about such procedures lack basic human empathy or the ability to have any sort of thought independent from what their churches tell them. Churches supposedly going by God’s word via the Bible. Which has nothing in it about abortion, other thanarecipe aboutadrug to make to cause them, provided byapriest toahusband. Everything else the Church claims it knows about abortion is 1) made up by that Church 2) new as of this past century.
      Some more points-If you have not personally adopted some older or special needs kids, you have no ground to stand on for the pro-life portion of this debate, and you areahypocrite. Especially if you aren’t out there protesting the death penalty, the war, etc. too.
      If you truly believe you don’t know anyone who has had an abortion, that’s just because your friends/relatives don’t trust your unempathetic self to be kind to them if they say anything. It’s1in3women. This percentage does not change when you get toaRepublican state orareligiously conservative area. You’ll have more unplanned pregnancies there of course, due to lack of useful sex-ed and access to birth control, but I’m sure those are next on Ohio’s docket. Because ifastate is truly anti-abortion, and wants to be effective at actually reducing the numbers of abortions rather than just forcing women to risk death to obtain them, they enact comprehensive sex ed, preferably starting in elementary school, and they make birth control free to all, and easy to access in school for kids. Because that’s the only way to make any real difference in the numbers of abortions.

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