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Jul 2013
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    glena2 commented on What Underrated Disney Movie Jokes Always Make You Laugh?

    In Lion King, when Mufasa is teaching Simba how to pounce, Zazu is trying to tell him things about some of the other animals, including “Cheetahs never prosper” and “I keep telling the elephants to forget about it, but they can’t!”

    3 years ago

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    glena2 commented on Tell Us The Pettiest Thing Your Ex Has Ever Done

    I had a girlfriend who had access to my Netflix and, have a nasty break up, went on and gave 5 stars to a bunch of children/Barbie/etc movies and messed up all my ratings. I couldn't even be mad because it's a hilarious prank, and we're friends again now and I still laugh about it.… 

    4 years ago

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    glena2 commented on Get Excited For Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka's Wedding Right Now

    David Burtka looks likeaguy who tried to be an umpire and failed.

    8 years ago

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