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Period Pain Negatively Impacts 77% Of Women At Work, Survey Says

But 43% of them made up a different excuse for their boss.

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In news that won't surprise anyone with a uterus, period pain affects your ability to work, according to 77% of Australian women surveyed in new research published by YouGov today.

But only a third (36%) of the 1,001 women surveyed whose performance was affected by the pain had ever revealed to their employer that this was the case.

Many (43%) of those surveyed lied and pretended their inability to work was due to something else, while 24% just carried on working like the tender-wombed warriors they are.

"But cramps can't be that ba-" Excuse me:

Around three in 10 (30%) surveyed had to take a short break because of the pain, and nearly two-thirds (63%) either had to go home early (30%) or take a day off (32%).

The most common impact (47%) of period pain was more difficulty in concentrating.

Menstrual cramps are just free samples of what giving birth feels like

South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and Japan have laws in place allowing women time off work when they are menstruating. Taiwan’s three days off a year for menstrual cramps is the most generous.

The survey found 66% of Aussie women supported similar measures being introduced.

Gina Rushton is a breaking news reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.

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