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    • GijsNoorlander

      These are great! For those few who don’t read Dutch: 1st:
      “one touch!”
      “Monsters are luring on electrical wires” 2nd:
      “Open doors and windows before turning on your engine”
      (in old Dutch, which makes it even better. It is written in a demanding tone)
      “Exhaust fumes are very dangerous!” 3rd:
      “That’s what happens if the emergecy exit is blocked”
      (‘nooddeur’ is emergency exit) 4th:
      “The protection cap was set to high” 5th:
      “Use safety belt” 6th:
      “Carbon Monoxide”
      “insidious threat”
      “No burning stove in garage” 7th:
      “archenemy”  8th:
      “Kick ‘m out” (literal translated) 9th:
      “Will lead to accidents” 10th:
      “Weld safe” (written with old spelling)

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