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    Posted on Jun 15, 2013

    10 Very Scary Old Dutch Work Safety Posters

    Death, blood, and mayhem, artfully rendered.

    1. 1925. Killed by an electricity eel. Note the Grim Reaper waiting to catch him.

    2. 1925. YIKES. Killed by Exhausto.

    3. 1926.

    4. 1940. Saw that coming (sorry).

    5. 1925. The Scaffold of Death.

    6. 1942. Nighty night, dead mechanic.

    7. 1959. Ties — not a machinist's friend.

    8. 1967. That's an evil motherfucking match.

    9. 1927. The Scream — not by Edvard Munch.

    10. 1939. Eye'll be back (sorry).


    Compare to these wonderfully violent Soviet work safety posters (with translations).

    All above images via 50 Watts, where you can view 17 more of these Expressionist masterpieces.

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