Ultimate Christmas Video (in Their Christmas Jammies)

Created by WNCN news anchor, Penn Holderness and his wife, Kim, this is their family’s second annual Christmas video, the first available here. This Christmas video has everything you could want - dancing children, “Miami” by Will Smith as the base track, and personalized Christmas Jammies. Listed below are a few highlights from the video:

1. It’s the Holderni!

Father Penn welcomes viewers by referring to his family by using the plural form, Holderni.

2. Neighbors walk by and say, “Are those Christmas jammies?”


Yes, in case you were confused, these are most definitely Christmas jammies.


They bought a Prius this year. Later in the video, they ride around Raleigh in their Prius, while wearing - you guessed it - Christmas jammies.

5. Daughter Lola shares an observation

6. But that’s okay…

(We definitely don’t hate this at all.)

7. “There’s room for child number 3, but I can’t - I just had a vascetomy.”

Though this may seem like a case of TMI, the conservativeness of the Christmas jammies make it totally okay.


Drinkin’ IPA’s tweeting and texting about hashtag Christmas jammies.

9. “Here’s hopin’ that all goes well, but what will I do with all this gel?”

The video suggests distributing them as Christmas gifts for neighbors, but I think they would be best suited in a museum of exceptional news anchor hair.

10. Watch the full video here:

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