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George Washington Is Still Alive, Responds To Ava

Clooney better watch out, this George is about make one little girl ~swoon~.

getLowder • 4 years ago

40 Gifs To Celebrate Fallon's 40th

He's turning forty. ew.

getLowder • 5 years ago

"Baby Got Class" Is The Official 2014 Back-To-School Anthem

Some of you may remember the Holderness family of Raleigh who created a glorious Christmas card parody Of Will Smith’s "Miami" just before the holidays.

getLowder • 5 years ago

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Celebrate "Maverick Monday"

The first time I laid my eyes on Tom Cruise in Top Gun, I was immediately drawn to the pure handsomeness, seeping from that Navy fighter pilot uniform. I feel the need, the need to watch Top Gun right now.

getLowder • 5 years ago

33 Things We Can't Do Despite Putting A Man On The Moon

Clearly, mankind needs to take a few more leaps, because we're still waiting on a few things.

getLowder • 5 years ago

Of Course There's A "Full House Of Cards" Mashup

Maybe Michelle gets hit by the trolley, and that's the reason behind the recent theory of Full House.

getLowder • 5 years ago

Somehow, Suit And Tie Just Got A Whole Lot Sexier

Let's allow Justin and Marvin to show us a few things.

getLowder • 5 years ago
getLowder • 5 years ago

Ultimate Christmas Video (in Their Christmas Jammies)

Created by WNCN news anchor, Penn Holderness and his wife, Kim, this is their family's second annual Christmas video, the first available here. This Christmas video has everything you could want - dancing children, "Miami" by Will Smith as the base track, and personalized Christmas Jammies. Listed below are a few highlights from the video:

getLowder • 5 years ago

What Is Santa Claus Teaching The Elf On The Shelf?

Santa is going to be very busy in the upcoming weeks, making toys for the good boys and girls across the globe. He teaches his elves many things necessary for quality production up at the North Pole, but what exactly has he taught the Elf on the Shelf?

getLowder • 5 years ago

Graduate School As Told By The Wizarding World Of "Harry Potter"

Grad school is the reason mandrakes cry. SIRIUSLY.

getLowder • 5 years ago

Single Most Awesome Website For Any Child Of The '90s

Submitted for approval of the midnight society, I call this story "The Tale of the Time I Discovered"

getLowder • 6 years ago