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    20 Really Weird-Ass Things People Are Selling On eBay Right Now

    TBH you're gonna want all of these.

    1. A ~vintage~ wet bison fetus from 1950:

    2. A baker's dozen of shoes found on the side of the road:

    3. This hanging bat in a glass dome:

    4. A chicken finger shaped like Africa, "cooked to perfection":

    5. The parasitic worm from a werewolf intestine????

    6. A ghost trapped in a jar:

    7. A "freaky mutant" roll of toilet paper:

    8. Animal crackers humping each other:

    9. A "BRIGHT & SHINY" paper clip:

    10. This girl's soul and spirit:

    11. One-of-a-kind Cheeto shaped like the letter Y:

    12. A piece of paper:

    13. A conjoined twin sunflower seed:


    15. A mind control protective hat:

    16. Bottled fresh air:

    17. Tennis balls in a "novelty craft glass jar":

    18. Absolutely nothing:

    19. The "world's longest" fresh piece of grass:

    20. And two dead Madagascar hissing roaches:

    OMFG. That's enough eBay for one day.

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