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    20 Sneakers You'll Want To Slip Into For Your Next At-Home Workout

    Get movin' and wear these athletic kicks while you workout indoors.

    1. A breathable pair for fast-paced workouts, including virtual HIIT and boot camp classes. Lightweight mesh, a durable design, and superior grip will keep you moving, even while you're ~working up a sweat~ inside.

    Nike Metacon 6 training shoe with white, blue, pink, yellow, and green detailing

    2. A high-top pair with amazing cushioning, a traction-friendly bottom, and a vibrant design for indoor dance sessions. They'll definitely brighten up your workout look for jazz, Hip-Hop, and Zumba.

    3. Running sneakers for high-impact living room workouts: You'll get amazing traction and comfort while you do a bodyweight or cardio circuit.

    adidas pink and white running sneaker with a knitted front and pink stripes on the side

    4. Basic running sneakers if you're on your feet all day long, even after you practice your hill intervals on the treadmill.

    model wears black running sneakers with white bottoms

    5. A pair of vintage-inspired sneakers for days you feel like doing weights or crunches in your home gym. They're super comfy and you can wear them with athletic socks.

    model wears white Reebok vintage-style sneakers with purple bike shorts and a black tee

    6. Training sneakers, so you can work up a sweat indoors and not kill your feet. Lunge, squat, and jump in these supportive kicks with cool colorblocking.

    model wears black and green Puma LQDCELL Shatter XT Trail Women’s Training Shoes

    7. Breathable sneakers that'll help keep sweat at bay while you're on the move: You *can* feel like you're moving on clouds during your daily fitness routine.

    reviewer wears purple and white breathable sneakers with cushioning section on bottom

    8. A versatile workout sneaker you'll want to wear for indoor cross-training. They're super durable and provide good cushioning, so you won't have to worry about sliding when you jump, dance, or do quick movements around your home gym.

    9. Ultra-lightweight sneakers with a knitted material so comfortable and lightweight, you'll forget you're wearing anything on your feet while you're working out.

    10. Walking-friendly sneakers, because you may want to go on the treadmill at home. Your feet will feel so good with soft mesh lining and a molded footbed.

    model wears velvet blue walking sneakers with acid wash jeans

    11. A sock-fit style to add some spring to your step and give you a good grip while you hit up the treadmill, elliptical, or StairMaster. No more sliding or slipping on fitness equipment!

    teal running sneaker with gray upper, blue laces, and a sock-like heel compartment

    12. Colorful sneakers, because you need cute and supportive footwear for your at-home workouts. These shoes help keep your feet in place and look so good with any activewear outfit.

    13. A low-profile pair with an eye-catching blue shade and comfy shape. Stuffing your feet inside a stiff sneaker is not fun, but these will be so easy to slip into whenever you want to exercise.

    14. Snakeskin-print sneakers, because your boring athletic uniform will be ~hisstory.~ Slip into these babies whenever you're working on your core or doing yoga in your living room.

    15. A versatile pair you can wear for indoor high-impact and low-impact activities. Enjoy treadmill running, light aerobic exercise, and strength-training? These shoes will be your go-to pair for so many workouts.

    16. Sporty sneakers that'll keep you comfortable and look really, really good when you take a post-workout selfie in front of the mirror.

    17. CrossFit-friendly sneakers, because you need shoes that'll *move* with you during high-intensity circuits at home.

    18. A pair of ombre athletic sneakers so durable and stylish, you'll want to put them on during your a.m. or p.m. fitness grind.

    19. A Velcro pair if you want kicks that are great for light exercise and lounging. Who said you can't have the best of both options when it comes to footwear?

    20. And slip-on sneakers that'll be so easy to wear during strength training and Zumba sessions. You can finally ditch your old, lace-up workout kicks for good.

    You, super excited for your next workout session at home:

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