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    29 Products That'll Help Make Your Fall Problems *Poof* Disappear

    ~Leaf~ it up to these leaf scoops, sunrise alarm clocks, and other products to help solve annoying fall problems.

    1. Leaf Scoops because raking up leaves in your backyard is so dang time consuming. These babies make grabbing a bunch of foliage so easy *and* will cut your tidying time in half. Now we can all ~fall in love~ with that!

    model uses oversized scooping claws to move leaves

    2. Thermal workout leggings so your butt and legs can stay warm if you're hitting up a trail or running outdoors this autumn.

    3. A sunrise simulation alarm clock you'll want to use when the days get shorter. This wake-up light gradually shifts from dark red to bright yellow, so you can stop hitting the snooze button and get out of bed. It may be 6 a.m., but at least you won't be a zombie.

    4. A pumpkin spice whipped body butter that'll help your skin stay smooth during the fall months. It may be cold outside, but you won't have to deal with dryness and irritation.

    manicured hand holds jar of the pumpkin spice whipped body butter

    5. A washable door mat to scrape debris from your boots and sneakers. You can keep mud and wet leaves out and clean your floors less thanks to this gem.

    Gray, white, dark blue, and yellow geometric-print door mat on a gray hardwood floor in front of a wood glass door

    6. Carving tools that'll help you create a ~gourdeous~ masterpiece and gut a pumpkin with ease. If your jack-o'-lanterns need a glow-up and you don't have a lot of time to do it, this kit can be a lifesaver.

    7. A pretty throw blanket to wrap yourself in when you want to curl up on the couch, read a book, and sip a PSL on repeat. Cold feet don't stand a chance with this cozy cocoon.

    Yellow pompom throw blanket on top of a black velvet armchair in a living room

    8. A propane gas fire pit that'll be amazing for roasting s'mores or sitting outside on chilly fall evenings. Your clothes or patio furniture won't smell like firewood, because it generates smokeless flames and has an all-weather design.

    9. A pair of handwoven, slip-on shoes, so you don't have to sacrifice comfort or style when it's too cold for sandals. They have cushy insoles and breathable material that'll keep your feet feeling sweet all season long.

    model wears tan slip-on flats while lounging on couch

    10. Solar-powered lights because it's not fun to trip on a stone pathway or bed of flowers when you're coming home at night. These tiny lights will provide a little more visibility around your home, especially when it gets darker earlier.

    square black solar-powered pathway lights along stone path

    11. Burt's Bees lip balm to keep your lips hydrated when it's cold outside. Stash one in your desk, purse, or bathroom cabinet to provide sweet, sweet relief whenever chapped skin strikes.

    hand pulls Burt's Bees lip balm tube out of jean pocket

    12. A windproof umbrella with a vented double canopy and reinforced design that can withstand fall drizzles and downpours. You'll actually be dry for once on your solo trip to the coffee shop or grocery store.

    13. A long teddy bear jacket you'll want to wear when it's that weird in-between weather. If you go apple picking or take a trip to the farmers market, you won't feel chilly while you're out and about. Plus, it'll dress up your go-to fall outfit!

    14. A door draft stopper so you can stop hot air from leaving your home when fall hits. Attach it to the bottom of your door and enjoy the warmth of your home for once. No more wearing layers of sweats and piling on the blankets.

    Reviewer shows white door sweep attached to white door inside their home

    15. An Instant Pot to make all your fave fall comfort foods. This pressure cooker will spare you from using a bunch of appliances and make meals a breeze. Butternut squash mac 'n' cheese, pumpkin bisque, and slow-cooked turkey are coming right up.

    Silver Instant Pot next to bowls of mac and cheese, roasted veggies, and a raspberry cheesecake

    16. A pair of waterproof Columbia hiking boots you'll want to wear for trail walks or exploring a pumpkin patch. With waterproof construction, breathable linings, and a durable bottom, you won't have to worry about falling on your butt, sliding around in muddy areas, or having soaked feet.

    17. Reusable produce bags to carry your fresh-picked apples from the orchard. Unlike other bags (hello, paper and plastic), these are constructed with a double-stitch material that won't fall apart. Yes to stocking up on all the Granny Smiths and Honeycrisps for pie later.

    the produce bags filled with onions and tomatoes on a table

    18. A tea infuser because it's fall, y'all, and you deserve to sip on a chai tea that doesn't have loose leaves in it. This tiny device locks in flavor *and* keeps bits out.

    Reviewer holds pink floral and silver tea diffuser above a cup of brown tea

    19. A self-inflating cushion that'll keep your bum super comfortable if you're stuck sitting on bleachers at a socially distanced game. It also provides a lil' insulation, so you can stay warm and be comfortable while you're rooting for your fave team.

    Model sits on red self-inflating cushion while enjoying a game from bleachers

    20. An electric leaf blower because all the trees on your property will be shedding foliage, and, well, that tiny rake and wheelbarrow aren't going to cut it. A powerful motor gets the job done fast, so you don't have to spend all day getting your lawn in good shape.

    21. A lightweight, warm sleeping bag for autumn camping trips. With brushed-cotton flannel linings and a water-repellant outer shell, you'll be drifting to dreamland in your tent even if it's a chilly fall night.

    the flannel sleeping bag

    22. Anti-skid slippers so you don't take a tumble on your way to the fridge or to grab the mail outside. You'll feel super cozy in these shoes, which will replace your summer slides and keep your feet extra warm all fall long.

    23. A fireplace cleaner for your dirty mantel that's in need of some tidying before the weather gets colder. This brush and cleaner combo tackles tough soot and smoke stains that won't budge.

    24. Chelsea boots because you need a shoe that'll go with everything in your fall wardrobe. These babies will complement high-rise jeans, dresses, and jumpsuits and they have amazing traction (buh-bye, sliding on leaves).

    models wear the black Chelsea boots with and without high-rise socks

    25. An air purifier that'll be a big help when your fall allergies are making you sneeze, have a stuffy nose, and feel icky. This device has a filter that effectively removes pesky odors and particles (think pet hair, dust, and smoke) and a 24-hour timer so you can run it whenever you want.

    white air purifier on kitchen counter

    26. A soft beanie because some fall days can be a little chilly and you need something a bit warmer than a baseball cap. You'll be thankful your head and ears aren't cold whenever you head outside.

    model wears yellow, red, and white candy-corn style beanie with jean jacket

    27. A weatherproof connection box for your outdoor power strips, timers, and holiday decorations. Moisture doesn't stand a chance with this hub, which has an interlocking lid and plenty of room for wires. You'll be glad you can *still* run your timers, fountains, and string lights when it's fall.

    Reviewer shows black weatherproof connection box with power strips inside on the ground

    28. A gutter scoop that'll purge nasty brown leaves and twigs from your roof gutters in minutes. Just put on some gloves, grab the scooper, and ~leaf~ the rest up to this small tool.

    29. And Shoe Goo so your combat booties, mules, and sneakers can have a second life and last you beyond fall. This repair adhesive fixes peeling soles, small holes, and more wear-and-tear things on your footwear.

    That feeling when you solve a fall-related problem: