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    Core Sliders, Adjustable Weights, And 27 Other Fitness Products That'll Help You Maximize Your Results

    Adjustable weights, yoga wheels, and more exercise gear designed to help with flexibility, strength, and movement.

    1. Core sliders for days when you want to give your abs a good workout beyond standard crunches. Your transverse abdominis and obliques will be *on fire* after using these helpers for planks, push-ups, and mountain climbers.

    Reviewer's photo of two pink and black core sliders and a pink jump rope on the floor that says
    reviewer pic of reviewer holding black core sliders

    Promising review: "These gliding disc core sliders have been working out great! They are definitely taking my workouts to a new level and making me use my core like never before! You can definitely feel the burn while working out with them and target muscles that don’t normally get as much attention!" —Coleen

    Get them from Amazon for $9.95 (available in four colors).

    2. A set of resistance bands so you can gradually strengthen your butt and legs over time. You'll get a light, medium, and heavy resistance band that'll level up squats, donkey kicks, and more lower body movements. And, they fit in your gym bag so you can take them with you for your next sweat sesh!

    reviewer completes squat while wearing thick pink resistance band around thighs
    A blue, pink, and purple set of three bands

    Promising reviews: "I love that the resistance bands are made from a woven material and not plastic. This really boosts their durability. The three resistance ratings (light, medium, and heavy) are appropriately challenging. They come with a nice drawstring bag, for traveling or on the go. I have been using them consistently for three weeks and I am already noticing gradual results. Would recommend!" —Renee

    "I was pleasantly surprised. I actually saw this product recommended on TikTok and I had to try them. I absolutely love them. They're very durable. Comfortable and the level of stretch is perfect. I wasn't expecting a storage bag or workout booklet. Would definitely recommend!!" —Josie Chavez

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99 (available in three color combos). 

    3. Bosu balance ball pods that take up minimal space, yet give you a wow-worthy sweat session thanks to their versatility. Place them under your hands for modified push-ups *or* under your feet for squats to make each movement more challenging and feel all of your stabilization muscles work a little harder.

    model completes modified push-up with two small Blue Bosu ball pods
    model squats while standing on two small blue Bosu ball pods

    Each of these is 6.5 inches and comes with two sides: a dome-shaped one for balancing and a flat-shaped one for stability.  Reviewers love these small pods because they can still complete bodyweight exercises without having to buy a large Bosu ball. If you would like one though, this 25-inch one comes in a bunch of colors and works great for all types of fitness routines!

    Promising reviews: "Game changer to add these to my workout. What a core workout! Although some of my exercises are more difficult (because of the muscles being worked due to balance) my hands and wrists really appreciated these instead of the floor or a mat. Easy to carry in my bag to the gym." —Melodee A. Reigel

    "These are a great alternative to a full-sized Bosu ball. I put in my backpack and take to the gym and also use at home. Makes planks a lot easier on my elbows too!" —Amazon Customer

    Get a pair from Amazon for $32.77

    4. Exercise dice with 36 different workouts to try: Roll from two orange dice for HIIT movements like mountain climbers and lateral lunges *or* a green dice for stretches and yoga poses. Never again will you be bored doing the same routine, because there will be so many combo circuits to try with this cool set!

    pic of exercise dice on table with an instructional paper showing different movements
    pic of reviewer holding two orange dice and one green dice with different exercise movements on each

    Fitness instructors also swear by these dice for group workouts!

    Promising reviews: "These are so cool, and I never knew they existed. My wife started shouting, 'Those are so cool? Where did you get those? I love them.' She works out about 50 minutes a day, six days a week. She immediately started rolling these every morning for her workout. And, she posted pictures of these to show all her workout friends on Facebook within about 10 minutes of getting them. She had to promise to bring them into the gym so everyone could see them. Do not hesitate to pick these up if you do these kinds of exercises or you work out in small groups." —Andrew A. Russell

    "I teach fitness classes for both children and adults. I love the variety of exercises on the various dice. The quality is great and have added an element of fun to my group classes!" —Kristen M. Dallhoff

    Get a set of three from Amazon for $27.95.

    5. Or a pack of dumbbell exercise cards that'll mix up your fitness training with weighted planks, thrusters, and shoulder presses galore. You'll never know what's coming up next in the deck and your arms, legs, and core will be like, "Hello, where have you been all my life?"

    Model bends in push-up position with black dumbbells in front of line of exercise movement cards
    pic of reviewer's hand next to an exercise card that says

    Not about dumbbells? No worries, because there are other exercise card decks that focus on bodyweight movements, gym equipment, and resistance bands.

    Promising review: "I bought these to get some new ideas to mix up my gym routine. I got a lot of new ideas from these cards. Some were reminders of ones I already know, but there are a bunch of really interesting ones that I've been mixing in. The countless combinations you can create is making my workouts more fun and motivating." —Paisley

    Get it from Amazon for $16.25+ (available in 19 volumes).

    6. A set of 2-, 3-, and 5-pound weights to keep on hand for barre and light strength workouts. They won't slip out of your hands during reps, plus they come with a stand for easy storage that won't take up too much space. Lots of reviewers recommend them if you're new to exercising or just getting back into a routine and want to start small! 

    Check it out on TikTok here

    Promising review: "These weights have the perfect coating that keeps your hands from slipping with a firm grip throughout your workout from start to finish. I bought the 8-pound pair and have had them for almost a year. There was no peeling of the rubber coating. Different color scheme makes it easy to switch weights quickly to a different weight. Would definitely purchase again!" —Timir

    Get it from Amazon for $55.03 (also available in sets of two and 11 other weight combinations).

    7. Or adjustable dumbbells because they'll help you level up your strength training sessions and are easy to use. Lift between 2.5 and 15 pounds with this set that'll be great for arm-focused workouts. And you can skip having to reach for four different sizes of weights anytime you're ready to break a sweat. 

    Promising review: "These are exactly what I needed. I can use the lighter settings for workout classes and I am building my strength with the 10-lb settings. I am looking forward to the point when that is too easy and I move up to the heavier weights. The system is easy to use, simple to switch between weights and was much less expensive than other brands. The handles are comfortable too." —LauraWin

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $179.99.

    8. weighted fitness hoop that'll give you a fun workout basically anywhere at home and help you focus on your abs. This adjustable gem will take you straight back to P.E. class as you move your hips to your favorite Spotify playlist. Added bonus? Your core will also be FEELING IT thanks to the attached 3-pound weight.

    Model using a blue weighted hoop to swing into a workout
    pink version laying on the floor

    Check it out on TikTok here.

    Promising reviews: "I actually really liked this. I bought it to spice up my ab routine which worked. It's actually a lot of fun and is a great ab workout if you can keep it going. It's very easy to assemble and does not come apart when using it. You do need some space to use it and it can be loud. I usually just plug in my headphones and then I can't really hear it. It can be weird to get used to at first too and does take some core strength to keep going, but I really think this is a cool and unique ab workout that's more fun than the traditional crunches and sit-ups." —Adrianna

    "The hoop is a lot of fun! I’ve been using it for at least 30 minutes every day for the past few weeks. It definitely keeps my heart rate up and is keeping my legs strong!" —TARA FLATT

    Get it from Amazon for $33.99+ (available in 15 colors). 

    9. A Power Press Push-Up Board because it'll make improving your form and technique a fun challenge. It comes with a color-coded board system, so you can switch push-up positions to target specific muscles in your back, chest, shoulders, and triceps. Just place the included nonslip hand grips in the red, green, blue, or yellow slots and you'll be good to exercise. 

    model in push-up position under push-up bar with different handle positions
    reviewer pic of same push-up training board next to two handles and training manual on a carpet

    This board comes with a training manual and access to online training workouts. What's great about this board is workout versatility, you can change between 30 push-up positions and not stick with the same movements every time. Plus, the handle grips can help you properly align your body and avoid straining your hands and wrists.

    Promising review: "I bought this because of the reviews, so it was only fair for me to leave one as well. I was so impressed by this equipment. I am so tired after doing push-ups all over the place on this thing. There is a chart that came with it that even gives combos to try with each hand in a different position. The board itself is color coded, so you don't even have to look at the chart to figure out what areas you want to hit. It's simple, but it is high quality. The handles lock in tight and do not wobble at all while you are using it. I love this, it is well worth the $50. If you are considering purchasing this but are on the fence, believe me you can trust the reviews." —Jason Lester

    Get it from Amazon for $69.99

    10. Or push-up bars that'll feel way better than dumbbells or bare hands when you're doing push-ups on the floor. Each handle gives you a solid grip and rotates as you go down, so you're not slipping and sliding. Doing push-ups on your knees? No problem, they'll be great for those too.

    pic of reviewer holding black and red push-up bar in their hand
    pic of reviewer showing same push-up bars on the floor of their bedroom

    Promising review: "The first time I used them, I felt burn (the good kind) in the back/neck area. I looked up a diagram of musculature online, and it corresponded precisely with the trapezius muscles. I know that a product can't cure lazy, but knowing that I'm doing push-ups the right way and being able to feel the results makes me want to do more push-ups." —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $31.99.

    11. A durable slam ball so you can try some CrossFit *or* build body strength at the gym. What's great about this piece of equipment is that it comes in different weights, so you can work with 10 pounds or 40 pounds depending on your fitness level. Complete squats, push-ups, planks, and more moves, plus hit multiple muscle groups. 

    model completing squat and toss movements with 20-pound orange slam ball
    model completing push up and plank movements while pressing down on blue slam ball

    Promising review: "This ball feels durable and the texture makes it easier to use. My 15-year-old and I both use it. We've thrown it, slammed it, done squats, various core exercises and push-ups with one hand on the ball. This adds variety and functional movements to your workout. I'm very happy with the purchase." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $27+ (available in seven different weights and five colors).

    12. A Kettle Gryp that'll turn any weight into a kettlebell for strength training workouts. If you don't have a kettlebell around and would like to combine both kettlebell and free weight movements into one workout, it's so easy: place it around a weight, close it up, and you're good to go. You can complete squats, leg raises, and more exercises without having to buy a set of kettlebells. 

    Reviewer squats while holding orange Kettle Gryp wrapped around a weight
    Same Kettle Gryp around a black dumbbell on a gym floor

    Promising review: "Love this for my home gym. Dumbbells are expensive and kettlebells are even more expensive, so I was intrigued when I saw this attachment. It's hard plastic and feels good in the hands, it's what I expected. I use this grip to do kettlebell swings, squats, Romanian and straight-leg deadlifts, and other basic exercises. Happy with my purchase and glad I can use the dumbbells I already have." —Lauren J.

    Get it from Amazon for $34.95.