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Here's Why Shonda Rhimes Is The Biggest Troll In TV Right Now

"Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimised by Shonda Rhimes." Spoilers, obviously.

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Shonda is responsible for a bunch of great TV shows, but most importantly, she's the creator of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and executive producer of How To Get Away With Murder.

It's back tonight! Retweet if you're excited for TGIT on @ABC! @GreysABC @ScandalABC @HowToGetAwayABC

Sure, Shonda's not technically the creator of How To Get Away With Murder, but the three shows live happily in Shondaland.

Here she stands in the middle in red – the perfect colour for a woman in the business of killing off all your favourite characters.

Exclusive: @GreysABC, @ScandalABC, @HowtoGetAwayABC casts unite for EPIC #Shondaland photo:


She's the biggest troll of them all and she shows absolutely no remorse about it.

and then people ask me why I have trust issues #OnShondasRollercoaster

This may or may not be an actual picture of Shonda ruining lives, whilst simultaneously lying about her evil plans on Twitter.

She doesn't care about your favourite character.

ABC / Via

*clutches heart* It still hurts.


She doesn't care about your measly tears.

@camilluddington @caterinatweets I will never be okay

Because no amount of tears will end her reign of tyranny.

And she certainly doesn't care how much you shit yourself during a finale.

Finally getting around to watching my SCANDAL! #stress #Imgoingthroughsomanyemotions Im over here like......

Because if there's anything Shonda loves more than thieving the hope of her fans, it's a good cliffhanger.

Why does Shonda end every episode on the worst cliffhanger? I'm a good person, I don't deserve this. #HTGAWM


She could not give any less fucks if she tried. This woman is fuck-free.

And sure, there's a bunch of other shows that are just as painful to watch, and writers that are just as evil. HI THERE, GEORGE R.R. MARTIN, YOU MONSTER.

But there's nothing quite like relaxing at home on a Thursday night and sitting through not one...

Watch grey's anatomy they said.. It'll be fun they said

Not two...


But three counts of drama and heartbreak, as a result of Shonda's evil doing.

Holllllyy helllllll @shondarhimes you did that #tgit

She simply sits back at home and watches the events of her evil genius unfold on TV.

While the rest of us weep and collectively mourn on social media.

@Lizzziex0 and a constant reminder that shonda rhimes has ruined my life

shonda rhimes has ruined my life with scandal & greys anatomy πŸ˜“


Shonda rhimes has officially ruined my life