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    18 Weird AF Questions That Are Practically Impossible To Answer

    "Why does Raven-Symoné always look like she knows something about you?"

    1. On unrealistic expectations:

    2. On the Ellen conspiracy:

    3. On this facial expression:

    4. On Disney's favourite psychic:

    5. On the sexiest grain:

    6. On random appearances:

    7. On Mike Pence:

    8. On this bunny's look:

    9. On associations:

    10. On this seemingly intimate moment:

    11. On this lizard's cunning plan:

    12. On weird discoveries:

    13. On Ben Affleck's carrying skills:

    14. On this irrational hatred:

    15. On life's unanswered questions:

    16. On this mysterious advertising:

    17. On this dog's position:

    18. And on the existence of Jelly Bean George:

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